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Vision / Strategy / Growth
SPI visualizes itself as a leading manufacturer & marketing organization of compounded Polymers perspective. Our leadership position will be based on rich technical expertise, innovative and proactive approach in building durable long term customers relationship in the field of compounding.

Vision / Strategy / Growth
SPI was founded in 1987 by Mr. R.K. Malhotra(Prop.) under the name Shakti Plas Industries (SPI). Plant was dedicated to few customers for Re-process of plastics, But now we are professionally managed by plastics experts & technically sound as Reprocessed modified polymers with our long term experience. SPI is fastest growing Plastics Reprocessed modified polymers manufacturing company . Manufactured and tested under ASTMD & ISO Standard. SPI is run by professionals with over Thirty years of experience in the Plastic Industries.

Welcome to Shakti Plas Industries

  • Dedicated towards customer’s satisfaction.
  • Continue improvement in our every work area.
  • Streamline and maximize capabilities through training and healthy work environment.
  • Buildup in work competencies.
  • SPI is upgrading its organizational infrastructure by open and modern management policies.