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Backed by 30 years of industry expertise, The business processes various materials for industries like Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Appliances and Telecom. We take pride in offering complete solutions to our customers even for their most demanding needs. We also partner with our customers to derive a sustainable competitive advantage vide customised development projects.

SPI was founded in 1987 by Mr. R.K. Malhotra (Prop.) under the name Shakti Plas Industries (SPI). Plant was dedicated to various customers to recycle polymers. Presently our company is professionally managed by experts in polymer technology and are technically sound as per customer requirement.

Innovation and Sustainability are at the core of SPI’s endeavors and fundamental to its strategy and vision. Besides manufacturing world-class products and solutions, we also pay close attention to our activities towards protecting the environment, which is reflected not only in what we produce but also how we produce. What sets SPI apart is not just the extent or distinction of its offering – it’s the commitment demonstrated by its employees towards customers and their needs.

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Welcome to Shakti Plas Industries

AC Fins /AC Vent Veins, Carburetor Cap, Central Facia, Connectors, Cylinder Head Cover, Door Latch, Fuel Filter, Grab Handle, Head/Tail, Lamp Housing, Rear View Mirror, Switches, Wheel Cover, Cableclamp, Suspension Parts, Ignition System Parts.

Welcome to Shakti Plas Industries

Kitchen Appliances, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, Iron, Sensor, Bobbin, Bulb Holder, Switch, Rotor Switch, Motor.

Welcome to Shakti Plas Industries
Consumer and Industrial Goods (CIG)

Monofilament, Brush, Dipper, Irrigation Equipment, Sanitary Items, Furniture, Luggage, Cigarette lighter Part, Fire Extinguisher, Cable, Tie/Clamp, Railway Liners.

Welcome to Shakti Plas Industries
Electrical & Electronics (E&E)

MCB/RCC/B/ELCB, Industrial Plus Socket, Connectors, Bobbins, DB Handle, UPS Cover, Push Buttons, Energy Meter, Fan Housing, Transformer, CFL Holder, LE Diffuser, LED Reflector, Modular Switches.

Welcome to Shakti Plas Industries

Water Bottle, Juice Bottle, Chips Wrappers, Carry Bags and many kind of food item.